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Frequently Ask Question

Why are your Final one rates not on your website?

As mentioned earlier also that not every wedding function and requirement of the clients is same. so it I will be happy to send your more info about my rates but I would love to know some more details of your functions like dates, timings, venues, and number of guests or any other special requirements like Drone, Crane, LED wall etc.

We don’t live in India. How can we talk?

Most of my clients hire me without an in person meeting but I am also happy to set up a Skype/whatsapp video call with you whenever you are available.

Do you travel for wedding?

I do. I love to travel. I love to shot weddings in Canada, USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia and all India of course.

Do you offer engagement session?

Yes, it is great way for you to get some beautiful pictures to use for your wedding invitations, for your walls at home, your facebook or whenever you want to look nice.

Will you also take family portraits?

Yes of course. Often a wedding is the only time where all the family members will be in the same place at the same time, and I think important to document that. However, I usually try not to spend more than 10-15 minutes for family pictures and maybe a large group shot after the ceremony.

How many images will your deliver?

That really depends on the fallow of function. we never give fix amount of pics we keep on clicking when ever we find the moment to be clicked. but don’t worry they are in thousands.

Will we get images in hi-res?

Yes, you will get all images, post-processed and as high-resolution digital files (JPG).

When will we get our photo?

within a week after your wedding you will get a all photos in small res for selection of album. Within 4/5 weeks after your wedding you will get all images in high res,

Will you retouch our photos?

I will editing for contrast, white balance, color and b/w. I will not Photoshop your images to much to take a person out of a picture, smooth wrinkles on your aunt face. I always believe that i am there to capture your wedding day as it really happened.

Are you member of photography association?

Yep, i am a member of The Chandigarh photographer association and my regd no 128.

How can we book?

Easy, a deposit and agreement sign are required to save your date. I cannot hold any dates without those two things.