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Term and Condition


We take 25% of the amount and charges trips in advance as the holder and block our dates. Without this your booking is not guaranteed. We follow a strict first come first served policy. The next 50% of the amount must be paid before the first day of the shoot preferably 15 days in advance. And remaining 25% on final devilry day of the Job

We really love to keep our offers very clean and feel very embarrassed to send reminders or follow up emails to our customers for payment. Our rates are inclusive of service tax and we accept cash, checks and online transmission. Any extra hours bulkhead which is beyond what is stated in the package will be charged at an agreed rate.

Return flight from / to the airport / railway station, all other local trips in the city which you call us to shoot, will be arranged by you (or we happen to make such arrangements, will be billed separately) – also agree that you will take care for local residence during the  shoot.

No one should be to instruct or direct us during photographing or filming. you are spouse to introduce to 10 to 15 key persons to be taken care for photography at the start of the event.

Copyright and Usage

Photo wale  Babu retain intellectual copyright to all the Data and will use some of the photos and video on our website and to promote our work in journals and exhibitions. As artists we consider each picture or video that a work of art created by us and thus to display cases. But we will not use it for commercial purposes. Photo wale babu will not sell these photos or videos and will use pictures or videos just to show the work that we have done. In cases where a customer does not want photos or videos to be shown somewhere, we will charge a higher photographing and filming fee.